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We have been there…

Till a few years ago, all our partners and senior consultants were on your side of the fence. We understand the corporate world, its dynamics, profitability and productivity ratios, mentoring responsibilities, organization structure, growth avenues and employee expectations. The art and craft of team building, enhancing skills, motivation and opportunities for career building are factors we have experienced first hand. We too, have faced the challenges of hiring the best professionals to our teams while operating within the given set of parameters approved by the management. We understand the multitude of issues in the corporate world and are fully equipped to identify high caliber executives that fit to a ‘T’ when it comes to achieving corporate goals. Having that back-up, the next task becomes simpler. That of psychographic profile mapping of candidates so as to scale them on propensity for growth; leadership qualities; risk-taking ability; team spirit and several other parameters.

Size is no issue

Fortunately, MiLifeGoal is small enough to pay undivided attention to every client; and large and fleet-footed enough to cater to large numbers and time critical appointments. Our team is committed to exceptional level of responsiveness and service. We constantly interact with our clients, understanding their goals, philosophy, organization and requirements to ensure that we make the best match.

Our niche areas of operation

We partner with a broad spectrum of domestic and international organizations in following industries: FMCG, Consumer Durables, Insurance, Telecom, Banking, Retail etc. Our functional areas of expertise include Sales, Software companies, Marketing, Accounts, Finance, HR, Supply Chain and other Back Office functions.

Our wide and varied reach

Quite often, the best managerial talent may actually not be available in database domains, being ‘unsung hero’s’ as we call them. Secure in their jobs and successfully involved in their assignments, they can only be reached through constant and persistent efforts to trace out such gems and establish contact. This is an area where we at MiLifeGoal have excelled. Using a combination of research and network of contacts, we have built up our proprietary database of thousands of Consumer Industry professionals from companies Nationwide. It is updated continuously to enable us to quickly target the most appropriate and qualified executives.

Results driven operations

Having said that, the proof of the pudding as they say, is in the eating! Being seasoned recruitment consultants we know that in today's highly competitive marketplace it's all about closing the deal. You can have a great client and great candidates, but the key factor is the in-depth information needed to identify the elements that create the right match, and to fill the position as soon as possible. What is more important and satisfying is to feel that sense of achievement when we see our efforts fructifying into a warm and mutually beneficial client-employee relationship.


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